LUCAA+ mosquito repellent

Item number: CH2083P

Keeps mosquitoes away from
horses and riders.

Without autoactive microorganisms.
No drug and no finished drug.

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LUCAA+ mosquito repellent keeps sting flies and mosquitoes at a safe distance. When riding, in the stable or on the pasture. Also Cullicoides mosquitoes, whose bite can cause summer eczema in the mane and tail area. Summer eczema is an allergic reaction to protein that is injected from the mosquito into the horse's skin through the bite. LUCAA+ mosquito repellent is a special composition. The addition of natural oils protects the horse from the troublesome pests. LUCAA+ mosquito repellent is vegan and was produced without animal testing. LUCAA+ mosquito repellent is not a drug, not a finished product and contains no microorganisms.

Shake well before use. For the best results, lightly spray the horse daily with LUCAA+ mosquito repellent from May to October. Also regularly clean the barn, the barn environment and especially the drinking trough with LUCAA+ barn cleaner. There are the breeding grounds of the mosquitoes.

Water, never oil, lemongrass oil and eucalyptus oil.

Not suitable for consuming. Keep out of the reach of children. Store supplies in closed packaging in a dry place between 10 C and 30 C and protect from frost. Do not use in combination with other products. Avoid contact with eyes.

LUCAA+ mosquito repellent is completely biodegradable and harmless to humans, animals and the environment. LUCAA+ mosquito repellent is packaged in materials that are already recycled or recyclable. Please return the empty packaging to the recycling cycle.

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